Manage organizational spending through cost-effective procurement of goods & services.

eProcure is an integrated procurement system for supplier management, e-sourcing, and contract management . It give your procurement team the software tools for strategic sourcing to drive process efficiency and cost savings throughout the organization.  

eProcure is an easy-to-use, affordable, and customizable software solution used by large and small businesses and government procurement organizations for procurement and contract management.  


Centralize access to procurement data to promote informed decisions.

Automated bidders list maintenance with optional public display.

Drive adoption of consistent procurement best practices across the organization.

Pre-bid event management
Sealed bidding using an “electronic lockbox” 

Ensure healthy supplier competition to meet quality and price objectives.

Auditable log of content changes, document views, and messages.

Track spending and compliance with procurement policy.

Centralized management of supplier contracts.

Capture of supplier diversity information to support business outreach programs.

Simple, customizable self-service vendor registration.

High-capacity messaging tools to broadcast business opportunities.

Robust bid document distribution features.

eProcure is an end-to-end Software solution providing seamless integration into your existing corporate infrastructure and accounts systems. It incorporates a best of breed approach to systems design and functionality. It helps you better manage organizational spending through the efficient, cost-effective procurement of goods and services.

eProcure allows end users to keep track of what stage their requisition has made it to without having to track down several individuals. This is a huge advantage for end users in saving time in creating and keeping track of their requisitions. Users can login to eProcure and navigate to the requisition status to verify and also approve/reject requisition(s).  

As an innovative solutions provider, we at Primose Technologies spend a great deal of time listening to purchasing professionals before arriving at ePocure; this has produced a range of fully flexible software that is sector independent, and has added immense value to our clients. 

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