For efficient, transparent, paperless office and good governance.

This is an electronic workplace for efficient, transparent, paperless office and good governance. It reduces process delays, helps to access and
utilize information quickly and expedite work. It automates day-to-day functions at all levels of the administrative hierarchy.
Our e-Government Suite combines Business Process Management and Document Management Solutions to deliver a unified platform for Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Government Agencies (G2G) processes.
The e-Government Suite will seat at the centre of all business automation applications. It has the following modules:  

1. Electronic File System (E-File) & Correspondence Management.

2. Legal/ Case Management (Processing Of Court Cases):

Key features

a. Online repository of legal cases for faster retrieval

b. Registration and tracking of court cases

c. Registration and tracking of legal advices

d. Real time report on lab-wise pending case details

e. Online collaborations on contract agreement preparations and management 

3. Business Process Management/Workflow Automation.

4. Electronic Document and Content Management System.

5. Enterprise Resource Management.

6. Visitors Management System.

7. Central Electronic License and Permit System/Central Permit Portals.

8. E-Collaboration Suite.

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