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iVisitNG, a fully customizable web based integrated biometric visitors’ management and access control solution with functionalities that will allow for pre-registration of individual or group of visitors by authorized employee at all levels.

iVisitNG is used for visitor registration, chip-based badge printing, tracking, reporting, visitors’ preregistration and employee/contractor time and attendance management system. It is used for access control to prevent access to unauthorized offices and be extended to asset tracking. It is scalable and user friendly and needs little or NO training. It comes with a rule based approach in case further approvals are required for certain visitors.

It can quickly scale to a network of hundreds of workstations, all running on a centralized database. It allows for customizable badges creation using the inbuilt badge design templates. The kiosk mode enables unattended lobby visitors registration and badging, with options including pre-registration enforcement, robust barcode check-in/check-out functionality and support for barcode scanner.

Additionally, the ability to create reports and run queries with the solution is simplified through the use of broad range of predefined crystal reports. Central administration of iVisitNG functions can be performed through direct access to the database, badge creation, real time monitoring and report creation. 

The key features of iVisitNG are as follows:


Provide robust web based pre-registration by authorized employee;                         


Provides access control to floors and offices;


Support Individual and Group registration;


Delivery of email/SMS confirmation to employee and visitor with registration number and barcode;


Very fast fingerprint identification (10 000 templates < 1.5 seconds);                         


Enable returning visitor quick look up for pre-registration;


Creates a chip based Visitor Card that can be swiped at a Magnetic Door Lock for authorized entry;                         


Provide ability for host employee check out online;


Support preconfigured appointment alerts for host employee or staff and visitor;

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